Winter Series 3
This Event Is Now Closed.

Gold Coast Winter Bronze Label Meet #3
Saturday 16th June 2018
Griffith University Gold Coast Athletics Track
Please read the following information carefully.

Athletes MUST be currently registered members for the 2017-2018 season (commenced 1st October 2017).

NOT A CURRENT MEMBER?  Register or renew online through the Queensland Athletics website.  Gold Coast Victory is a great club choice.  You can register
 as a Base Member for only $20 and compete in all the Winter Series of events on the Gold Coast, or any of the advertised Qld Athletics Cross-Country Meets. 

BRONZE LABEL meets are sanctioned by Queensland Athletics and Athletics Australia, however Queensland and Australian records cannot be set.

Please refer to the competition details for each meet to confirm its permit level.

Note – Queensland Athletics and Athletics Australia reserve the right to decline a performance at a State Permit meet if, in its opinion, there is doubt over the conduct of the competition or validity of the performance.

Competition Rules
A full list of Queensland competition rules are available on the Queensland Athletics website here. All athletes MUST familiarise themselves with these rules before submitting their entry.

Entry Fee:

$10.00 for Gold Coast Victory members (incl GST) per competitor for any number of events.

$12.00 for registersted members (of any other Club in any State) per competitor for any number of events.

Close of Entries:
Online entries close on Friday 15th June 10:00am. After this date and time the online entry system will automatically cease operation. Entries will NOT be taken on the day.

Refunds will not be issued for online entries under any circumstances, unless the meet is cancelled and not rescheduled.

Timetable of Events:
The timetable currently available is a DRAFT only and may change after the close of entries. All athletes MUST check the final timetable which will be posted on the Sports Credentials website and Facebook on Friday 15th June 2018 no later than 2pm. It is each athlete’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of the starting time of their event/s.

Athlete Check-In:
Athletes are not required to check in for their events - athletes simply must go to your event area. PLEASE notify us if you need to scratch from an event.

Minimum Age:
The minimum age for this competition is 12 years (age as at 31st December 2018).

Uniform/Bib Numbers:
Athletes should wear their club uniform and current 2017-2018 competition numbers, front & back.  However, we realise many athletes have only recently registered and have not received their competition numbers yet.

False Starts:
The IAAF ‘no false start’ rule 162.7 will be applied to this meet. 

Jumps & Throws:
At all Winter Series Meets where there are more than 8 athletes in a jump or throw event, all athletes will receive 4 trials. Where there are 8 or fewer competitors, all athletes will receive 6 trials. 

Athlete Declaration:

In submitting my entry I accept and understand that I must abide by the competition rules and regulations. I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to the information printed above. I confirm that all of the information provided by me in completing my online entry is correct and acknowledge that my entry may be refused if I provide false information.

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Student Centre Lane, University Drive, QLD, 4222

Event Date:

Saturday 16 June 2018
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